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We Are PhatLeaf

We’re serious about change. We’re serious about you.

PhatLeaf™ is a company committed to developing innovative and eco-friendly CBD products. Through strategic planning, the efficacy of our proprietary nanotechnology, and the optimization of branch synergies, we’re positioned to be a leader in the burgeoning hemp industry.

Through identification and analysis of key metrics within the hemp enterprise, we’ve identified specific market gaps that can be filled with our unique nano delivery system, HydraZorb™, gaining us a competitive advantage in the space.

HydraZorb™ allows for unparalleled delivery opportunities. Utilizing unique molecular design, the HydraZorb™ structured molecule is able to transport CBD in specialized molecular packets to maximize delivery capacity and to increase bioavailability into the body system. The other benefits of HydraZorb™ reside in its reduced surface tension and it’s stability and solubility across different media.

Through specialized engineering, we’ve been able to reduce the surface tension of HydraZorb™ structured water to less than half that of unfiltered tap water. By breaking down this barrier, the low surface tension allows for markedly improved cellular communication, increasing the CBD absorption rate exponentially.

Our initial product launch PhatLeaf™ Structured Hemp Water is available in 4 natural flavors to hydrate and revitalize your body! Keep an eye out for other PhatLeaf™ product releases near on the horizon!